Dry Needling

Dry needling can help with overworked muscles. An overused muscle can in fact feel tense, you will suffer from multiple sore points. By using dry needle, this can be resolved. Dry needling will often be done once a week, then evaluated after a few sessions. However, this can vary by treatment and complaint.

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Reasons to get treated with Dry Needling

Muscles have "motor units" inside them, which are small nerve tracts. The contracting and relaxing of the muscle is the job of these small nerve pathways. Overuse causes the nerve pathways to become dysregulated. Thus, the muscle remains constantly tightened, or in other words, it is a trigger point. Massage has little effect on trigger points, as they are usually deeper in the muscle. Dry Needling will use acupuncture needles to treat the muscle a little deeper. Resolve your trigger points more effectively with this.

The consequence of Dry Needling

You may experience discomfort from the treated muscles for the first few hours after treatment. However, sleep will reduce this. Gradually the pain will subside completely and within one to five days you will no longer be bothered by it. The long term benefit of Dry Needling is that your trigger points will go away and thus you will experience less pain in your muscles.

Where can you get treated with Dry Needling

Fysiotherapie de Jong has several specializations, including Dry Needling. Based on an interview, the physical therapist will assess your symptoms. It is not necessary to first get a referral from a GP or specialist. Contact Fysiotherapie de Jong directly to resolve your trigger points.