Achilles tendon

With Achilles tendon pain, you have pain at the back of the ankle, above the heel. In that spot, it may be thick and/or red. There is often starting pain and stiffness, which may want to go away at first but becomes more severe over time.


Pain in the pelvic region is often related to pregnancy, but this is certainly not the only cause of pelvic pain. The pelvis is the central part of the body and works closely with hips and low back.


COPD stands for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, this name includes both pulmonary emphysema and chronic bronchitis. Both are health conditions in which breathing becomes more difficult.

Recovery after Covid-19

The coronavirus has had a significant impact on our lives in recent years. Many people have now experienced an infection with the COVID virus. And while a large portion of this group makes a full recovery in a short period of time, there is also a significant group of people where this recovery is less smooth.


Dizziness symptoms can have a considerable impact on a person's daily life. Work, sports but also just everyday activities can be significantly limited, forcing people to be less and less active.


The most common complaints of the elbow are complaints on the outside of the arm, also called tennis elbow.


Every year, 130,000 people report to their family doctor with an entangled Ankle.

Peripheral Vascular Disease

Peripheral Vascular Disease is also called 'Intermittent claudication', which literally means 'intermittent limping'. It is a vascular disorder in which the arteries in the legs are narrowed. The arteries are blood vessels that supply oxygen-rich blood.


A painful hip does not only occur in older people. In fact, there is not always wear and tear on the hip.

Heel Spur

Pain under the heel is the main feature of Heel Spur. This pain is often worse immediately after getting up from bed or from a chair, this then causes pain and a stiff feeling. Walking then becomes difficult for a while.


Headaches are a complaint that many people suffer from. Muscular tension headaches and migraines are the most common. Sometimes (too much) medication is the cause of headaches.


Pain in the knee is common in somewhat older age in relation to wear and tear of the joint. In younger people, we often see knee pain occurring during sports.

Mastitis / Breast infection

Mastitis is another name for a breast infection that can be accompanied by an infection. It usually sets up in the first six weeks after delivery due to breastfeeding. It is also possible for it to develop at a later stage.


At least 70% of the population faces neck pain sooner or later. The physical therapist can help reduce or even eliminate neck pain altogether.


Pain in the wrist is often caused by overuse or trauma, such as a fall. Bone fractures in the wrist are therefore common. Another common condition in the wrist is carpal tunnel syndrome.


Back pain is a common problem. The physical therapist can help reduce or even eliminate back pain altogether in many cases.


Shoulder problems can occur acutely or gradually. The physical therapist assesses which treatment - rest, mobilization or exercises - is right at which time.

Muscle tear/rupture

The most common muscle tears occur in the legs because this is where the most explosive forces occur during exercise. Examples include calf rupture (whiplash), hamstring rupture or quadriceps rupture (upper leg muscle).

Other complaints

Not all complaints that can be treated by our physical therapists are listed on this website. Do you have a complaint that is not specifically mentioned on our website? Feel free to ask us if our physiotherapists can do anything for you.