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Solving your complaint is our passion

Fysiotherapie de Jong is a growing practice with offices in Eindhoven and Brandevoort.

We always look for the treatment that adds real value in your recovery.

Sports massage

Do you feel like your muscles are too tense and could use some maintenance? We offer sports massage at our facility at Tonnaerstraat .

Boxing Therapy

Through boxing therapy, feelings of stress can be reduced and self-confidence greatly increased.


For people who want to take the step towards more exercise, but do not want to join a regular sports club and/or seek more individual guidance.

Locations & Contact

With two locations in Eindhoven and one in Helmond, we have a wide working area.


Manual Therapy

For solving problems caused by poorly moving joints.

Sports Physiotherapy

Analyze and rehabilitate problems that arise during daily exercise and sports.

Geriatric Physiotherapy

Counseling and rehabilitation for problems with movement that arise during aging.

We are happy with our customers and fortunately our customers are also happy with us

Your care is our care. That's why we have contracts with most insurers again this year. Would you like to know if your care will be reimbursed? Then contact us!

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