Additional Insurance Coverage or for your own account

If you have supplementary insurance for physical therapy, we will bill your treatment directly to your health insurance company (to the extent your budget is sufficient).
We have a contract with all health insurers except Zorg & Zekerheid. 

If you do not have supplementary insurance, your budget has been reached or you are insured with Zorg & Zekerheid in 2023, we will apply the rates listed to the right.

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Coverage up to 18 years

Up to 18 years of age, the first 18 treatments per condition per year are covered by the basic insurance. More treatments can be reimbursed from the supplementary insurance if the parents have supplementary insurance.

In the case of a chronic condition, up to 18 years of age, full coverage takes place from the basic insurance. For children up to 18 years of age, you do not have to pay a deductible.

Basic Insurance Coverage

At some health conditions , starting from the 21st treatment, the costs - for a certain period and as long as it is medically necessary - are reimbursed from the basic insurance. The first 20 treatments are covered by the supplementary insurance. If you have no supplementary insurance for physiotherapy, or if this is not sufficient, you have to pay (the remainder) yourself. Hereby we apply the indicated rates.

As soon as your treatment falls under the basic insurance, you must first pay the deductible. You will receive an invoice for this through your health insurance company.
It is possible that part or all of the deductible has already been used for, for example, examination or treatment in a hospital or by the purchase of medication.

Rates 2023

  • Intake and examination € 58,00
  • Physiotherapy follow-up appointment € 43,00
  • Follow-up appointment Manual therapy € 54,00
  • Geriatric physiotherapy follow-up appointment € 54,00
  • Personal contribution boxing therapy € 43,00
  • Intake and examination at home € 79,00
  • Physiotherapy follow-up appointment at home € 63,00
  • Geriatric physiotherapy follow-up appointment at home € 74,00
  • Reporting to insurance doctor etc. (ex. VAT) € 65,00
  • Physiofitness:
  • Intake and composing exercise program € 43,00
  • Training 2x a week € 55,00/month
  • Training 1x per week € 43,00/month
  • Sports massage (on location only Tonnaerstraat):
  • Sports massage 30 minutes € 35,00
  • Sports massage 60 minutes € 60,00