Peripheral Arterial Vascular Disease

Peripheral Vascular Disease are officially called "intermittent Claudication" or "Peripheral Arterial Vascular Disease. It is called Peripheral Vascular Disease because of the attitude patients take when resting because of pain: stop walking and "window shop." Peripheral Vascular Disease occurs because too little oxygen is supplied to the leg muscles by the arteries. You use these muscles while walking. The arteries do not carry enough oxygen to the muscles when they are narrowed; this occurs because of arterial calcification.

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Treating Peripheral Vascular Disease with physical therapy

When treating Peripheral Vascular Disease the first choice is walking therapy. walking therapy increases pain-free walking distance. It is recommended that walking therapy be performed under the supervision of a physical therapist affiliated with the National network 'Chronisch Zorgnet'. This produces significantly better results.

Another benefit of treatment of Peripheral Vascular Disease by a physical therapist is that the therapist will look at your lifestyle with you. In fact, lifestyle changes may be necessary to reduce the risk of recurring problems. Lifestyle changes may include healthy eating, an active lifestyle and quitting smoking.

Peripheral Vascular Disease walking therapy

walking therapy is not the same as walking. walking therapy is a brisk walking stride practiced very regularly with increasing distance. At least five times a week walking therapy is good, but practicing walking therapy daily produces the best results.

The physical therapist will discuss the best movement options with you, so together you will come up with a personal training program. This ensures the best results. In addition, we will discuss how to develop, as well as maintain, an active lifestyle. The physical therapist will help build endurance and improve your walking pattern. Do you suffer from fear of exertion? Then Fysiotherapie de Jong is happy to help you with that too!

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Peripheral Vascular Disease physical therapy can be quite exciting, which is why it is nice to do this therapy with a professional therapist. Fysiotherapie de Jong is happy to help you with this. Schedule your appointment soon!

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